Imaginarium Atelier


We fuse the worlds of traditional goldsmithing and art jewellery. By joining forces and sharing a very different set of skills, we aim to create sculptural pieces that feel timeless and one-of-a-kind. Imaginarium Atelier is a home for our personal creations and our collaborative projects.

We are passionate about designing unique pieces and we get absorbed in each step of the making process, giving great attention to details in each piece we create. Forests, tales, and Arts feed our creativity, the smallest elements found in Nature are also an endless source of inspiration. We design theatrical and poetic jewellery that holds a subtle touch of magic. 

Based in Brighton (UK), we have been working alongside each other on our respective jewellery brands for the past 10 years. Imaginarium Atelier is the little world we have created in 2019 to make our dream jewellery come to life. We love to create elegant and bold designs allowing the wearer to express their individuality in an exquisite way. All our pieces are made by hand in our workshop. We use gold, platinum, and silver, set with diamond and various gemstones that we carefully select for their deep colours, interesting cuts, or their uniqueness. We also do unique commissions and re-modeling work. (more info on the Bespoke section)


Masquerade is our first signature collection, handmade and designed in our Brighton studio. Elegant and bold designs that hold a subtle touch of magic...

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TREE TALES collection is an ode to the Forest world.Home to countless legends, tales and mythologies, over time, forests, have come to represent different concepts in the imaginations of populations living around the world...

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